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Frequently Asked Questions

From kitchen remodeling to bath design, The Kitchen Lady at TKL Design Group in Hinsdale, Illinois, can answer all of your home improvement questions. Ask her any question about your project.


Q: Do you have advice on doing something special with my bathroom?

A: Shades of blue on walls and cabinetry are hot right now. As for boring countertops and sinks, think out of the box and go with glass, including glass vessels, glass countertops, and glass walls.

Q: I don't have all the money right now to pay for a needed kitchen and bath remodeling, but I don't want to do it in stages. Do you have any advice?

A: Like any major purchase, you should only spend what you can afford. That means setting a budget and sticking to it. If you work with a professional Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer, they will respect the budget you set and make the most of it. You can tap into personal savings, take out a home equity loan, or incorporate the costs into your mortgage if you're buying a new home.

Q: How do I know if I need a new bathroom?

A: Answering yes or no to the questions below will help you decide. If you answer no more often than yes, you probably need a new bathroom.

• Are the shower head and sink at comfortable heights?
• Is the bathroom and everything in it the right size?
• Is the shower/bathtub safe?
• Are the tub, toilet, and sink all in good locations?
• Are the cabinets stylish and up-to-date, with enough well-organized storage space?
• Is the temperature consistently comfortable?
• Is the ventilation system efficient?
• Is the lighting adequate?
• Are there any leaks in the pipes?
• Are the electrical outlets properly protected?
• Do you like the aesthetic of your bathroom?
• Is it easy to clean?
• Are the walls of the tub free from mildew and dry-rot damage?
• Can all cabinets and entryway doors swing open without blocking other parts of the bathroom?

Bathroom Counter

Kitchen Interior

Q: What is the kitchen "work triangle" and how do I get one?

A: The "work triangle" is the kitchen area from the refrigerator to the main cooking area to the sink. It's important because at or immediately adjacent to the triangle's points are where all the key kitchen activities–food preparation, cooking, and clean up–take place. The work triangle helps to ensure that your kitchen will be functional.

Q. What is the newest thing on the market for my gourmet kitchen?

A: Check out the built in Pro Cook Center by Kohler. This time-saving appliance is built right into the empty space area of your countertop. It is an integrated cooking vessel that speeds food preparation and cleanup by combining cooking and a drain control right in the sink design. It eliminates the traditional boundaries while cooking on four different levels. This is a faucet, pot, burner, and drain built into the same unit.